31st Jan – Beer chips great hucklow

1 Feb

Well I’ve done it! Ran every day in January. Finished off with a great run last night. Freezing cold, how did Dave described it? some flowery talk of winter’s skeletal grip? It was beautiful evening lit by moonlight 3.5 miles and a beer in the pub, fantastic


30 Jan work home

30 Jan

Ran home from work one mile

29th Jan

29 Jan

3 mile run round eccelsall woods, very pleasant

28 th Jan

28 Jan

5.5 miles this am, went from home up ringinglow on the tracks and roads round there and went on a path I had seen many times before but never used

27 Jan beer and chips at troway

28 Jan

Dave and I did 2.5 miles in the rain at Troway which is an odd sort of village houese spread out along one street. It does have a pub though and very nice it is too. The Gate with blazing fires and a nice old fashioned feel. However no food so we had a pint and then went up the road to sample the chips there.

26 jan work home

26 Jan

work home direct one mile

25 jan work home

25 Jan

Ran one mile from work back home tonight